LehuaNet:  Journey to Plockton
Greyfriars Bobby
Bobby's Bothy
Greyfriars Churchyard
Greyfriars Churchyard
Greyfriars Bobby statue, distant

Greyfriars Bobby

Greyfriars Bobby's grave, distant
Greyfriars Bobby, closeup

Greyfriars Bobby's grave, closeup
Bobby's Bothy entrance
Bobby's Bothy, Entrance
Greyfriars Churchyard

The Bothy is a charming structure in its own right, and filled with everything wonderful about Bobby.

Shop at Bobby's Bothy

Bobby's Bothy, Matthew Hale
Bobby's Bothy Proprietor
Matthew Hale

Matthew is friendly and helpful, and hosts the official international Greyfriars Bobby website.

Greyfriars Bobby Pub

Greyfriars Bobby Pub

Near the churchyard is this charming pub.

Greyfriars Bobby T-shirt

Though lacking the dignity and quality of the Bothy's goods, the pub's shirts are fun, and striking in the love for Bobby that they represent.


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