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Plockton wildflowers

Plockton harbour and island
An oystercatcher struts outside my cottage as high tide nears
©Photo by Lehua
From the lone shieling of the misty island
Mountains divide us, and the waste of seas --
Yet still the blood is strong, the heart is Highland,
And we in dreams behold the Hebrides!

-- Sir Walter Scott

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Campaign to preserve York Castle and Cliffords Tower

Plockton Central

Plockton Illustrated Trip Journals

Notes from the journey with imbedded thumbnail photos relevant to the text
(click on any thumbnail to see a larger image)

Illustrated Trip Journal 1998
Illustrated Trip Journal 2000

Illustrated Trip Journal 2002
(not ready yet)
Illustrated Trip Journal 2005
(in the planning stage)

Plockton Infamy

Rieko, one of our Plocktan clan members, has published her book (in Japanese) -- including a picture of all of us sitting outside Plockton Hotel. I ordered it from Amazon Japan and had no trouble at all (but be sure to poke "use English")
Go buy Reiko's book
If you like, take a look at the original photo on Kirsty's site.  And whilst there, you can also see the photo of Paul reading the book.
Why Plockton? The original song Plockton Morning© has been updated to reflect the correct music and timing
Plockton Photo Albums
Images of Scotland and York Images of Plockton
Links to Plockton & Hamish Macbeth

Information about Lochdubh (Plockton) and about the character Hamish MacBeth
Humor & Fun:
  • Worrying about Stirling
  • BritSpeak and ScotSpeak
  • Spelling, Scottish Style
  • "First Prize" (a smile)
Other Worlds
The ultimate traveler's dashboard -- Choose "Plockton"
Plockton Morning©, an original song by Lehua

Illustrated Trip Journal 1998
Never attempt to fire a gun or pistol while on the road -- it may frighten the team and the careless handling or cocking of the weapon makes nervous people nervous.  Don't discuss politics or religion, nor point out places where horrible murders have been committed.
                  Hints for Plains Travelers
                  Omaha Herald, 1877

Part One
  • The Planes & Airports from Hell
  • The Trains & Stations from Hell
Part Two
  • Leith Walk & the Old Salt
  • Heading into the City: Closes & Wynds
  • Camera Obscura
  • Cyberia
  • Greyfriars Bobby & Bobby's Bothy
Part Three
  • Travelling with Robbie Burns
  • Perth in the Rain
  • Slugs from Stones
Part Four: Plockton
  • In Search of Lochdubh:  Driving into the Highlands
  • Opening Night
Part Five: Plockton
  • The Gathering of the Plockton Clan:
  • Plockton sightseeing: Balmacara & The Isle of Skye
  • Calum & the Seals
  • Farewell to the Hamishites
  • Duirinish; Highland Cows
Part Six: Plockton
  • Photos around Plockton
  • A Highlands Funny
  • Singing to the Seals
  • The Great Upload
  • A Word about Scottish Food
More to Come...
Photo Albums
Scotland & York
Images of Edinburgh, Set 1
  • Bob Miller, Piper
  • Deacon Brodie Tavern
  • Jekyl & Hyde Pub
  • Cockburn Street
Images of Edinburgh, Set 2
  • Rooftop Statuary, City Chambers
  • Rooftop Sphinxes
    National Gallery of Scotland
  • Frescoes, National Library of Scotland
Greyfriars Bobby
  • Greyfriars churchyard
  • Bobby's Statue
  • Bobby's Grave
  • Bobby's Bothy & Matthew
  • Bobby's Pub & T-shirt
The Castle & The Royal Mile
(Including a squirrel and pigeon spoor)
Enchanted Closes & Wynds
Nooks & Crannies
  • Bell's Wynd
  • Fleshmarket Close
  • Old Fishmarket Close
  • Moss Covered Stairway
    Carlton Road
Stovepipes and Rooftops
Magical Images

Set 1: Edinburgh

Set 2: Edinburgh & Perth

Camera Obscura Vistas
The Old Salt, Edinburgh
  • Exterior, The Old Salt
  • Old Salt Optics
  • Margaret, Day Bartender
Olden Times
  • Chemist Shop, Edinburgh
  • Optics, Old Salt
  • Sign for Misplaced Street
  • Fishmonger, Edinburgh
  • Street drain, Edinburgh
  • Bagpipe Makers' Shop
Images of Perth
  • Hope House
  • Old Ship Inn
  • Thistle Tavern
  • Church Clock Tower
Images That Struck Me, Set 1
  • Monorail at Sunset
  • Sari Shop
  • Construction with Flowers
  • Cheesecake
  • Irn-Bru Taxi
  • Mounted Police
Images That Struck Me, Set 2
  • Homeless
  • Moss 1, Car 0
  • Strange Striations
    Plockton Harbour
  • Rooftop
Photo Albums
Driving into the Highlands
Dochart Falls
Driving into the Highlands
In Search of Lochdubh
  • My first Highland cattle
  • Buachaille Etive Mor
  • Scenes around Glen Coe
  • Eilean Donan Castle
  • Lochs at Dusk
The Hamish Clan The Clan Departs
The Isle of Skye
  • Waterfalls
  • Sheep
  • Wary Ram
Skye & Balmacara
  • Skye:  Ancient Boathouses
  • View of the bridge to Skye from Balmacara
  • The "Stag Bar" (Balmacara) Exterior & Interiors
Bad Cows Good Cows

Wondrous Cow Faces

I have never seen anything like the Highland cattle's faces in my life.  Their faces are as individual and varied as humans'.

Please take a moment to be amazed.


  • Heather & Gorse
  • International Traveller
  • Nasturtium
  • Lovely Unidentified Things
(Fauna that are not cows and are not seals)
  • Gulls
  • The British robin
  • Oystercatchers
  • A Fortunate Harbour Cat
  • Wary Ram
  • Sparrows on Pink
The Seal Trips:
Seal Trip Vistas
  • Ulluva (with Seals)
  • The old lighthouse
    Eilean á Chait
  • Duncraig Castle
  • Amanda C. passing the harbour island
  • A Dream Cottage
  • Crab fishermen bringing their catch
Seal Trip Wildlife
  • Cormorants
  • Herons
  • Oystercatchers
  • Sea Urchins
  • Gulls
  • Zillions of Seals !!
My Enchanted Cottage
and Plockton Hotel
Views from My Cottage
  • My Very Own Bench
  • Colin:
    Late Afternoon Watercolour
  • The Rhu
  • The Island

Around & About the Rhu

  • Authentic Black House
  • The Hijack, Resting
  • The New Post Office
    Enjoyed by the Hamish Clan
  • A Rhu Dreamhouse

Many Faces of the Rhu
(A Love Song)

Views from the Rhu

Scenes around Plockton
Set 1
  • Plockton Burial Ground
  • Gravestone with Heather
  • The Harbour from
    the war memorial
  • Another magic gateway
Scenes around Plockton
Set 2
  • Alan, Leslie & Klaus
    Plockton Hotel
  • Plockton's Wee Station
  • Royal Bank of Scotland's
    Mobile Bank Van
    (and Plockton Craft Shop)
  • Plockton Stores
    Harbour Street

I often say, "I never met a cookie I didn't like."  I think it's also true that I've never met a boat I didn't like.

Find out why

Lives of the Sea

The ocean absolutely central to Plockton, shaping work and play and the very fundamentals of life force.

  • Odd Front Yards
  • Traps
  • Fishermen Returning
    Near the Rhu
  • Crab Fishermen Retrieving Catch
  • Amanda C. travelling
    Loch Carron

The Great Post Office Opening
(Including TV John)
Dream Houses


Plockton: our Lochdubh


Plockton Web, the real Plockton site. Plockton accommodations, transportation information, restaurants, facilities, and beautiful photographs.

Plockton adventure

: Calum & Jane MacKenzie's Leisure Marine: Plockton seal trips -- including a photo gallery of wildlife and scenery in Plockton's waters

Plockton and Hamish MacBeth

BBC-America's Hamish MacBeth writeup
Brian's Gossip from Lochdubh
Brian's "Scotland the Movie" site
Postcards from Plockton
Plockton panoramas: Andy & Ruth's Highlands Panoramas
Belinda's Hamish MacBeth Page
Mark Machin's Lochdubh Pages
Hamish MacBeth books: Stop You're Killing Me

Plockton Shinty

For those of you who've asked what shinty is, Janice of our Hamish group offers the Official Web of the Camanachd Association, with this comment:  "Camanachd is the Gaelic word for the game known as shinty... there used to be a league in the Toronto area (now defunct).  I remember watching a match between local players and a visiting team from Ireland about 10 years ago and the Irish coach kept yelling at a poor player named Sean - I felt sorry for the poor lad but couldn't figure out which one he was.  After the match when the players were introduced I found out half the Irish team was named Sean . . ."

Plockton side trips

The official site of Greyfriars Bobby


If you are wondering why I've chosen Plockton for this adventure,
check out Why Plockton?


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