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Bad Cows
The Truth about "Free Range"
Bad cows blocking traffic

All traffic came to a complete stop, for a very long time,
during my first encounter with The Truth about "Free Range".

I was to learn that these festivities take place several times each day.

Bad cows stopped in street
These little darlings were quite oblivious to Donna and me (and to the very emotional drivers) as we took photo after photo.2 bad cows in street

Bad cows know the route
The Plockton cows know every route between homes and into back yards.

Bad cows plunder hillside
Here, these enterprising children wind their way around to the back yard, munching along the way, then enjoy the owner's grassy rear hillside.

Bad cow pilfers petunias
Pilfering Petunias
This is just one shot of the incredible pillaging that went on during the cows' passages through the village.  It was impossible not to crack up at the old ladies flailing at them with sticks and shouting imprecations.
Bad cows under apple trees

This halt in the depradation is only temporary.

These cows wallow in a bed of late apples, gathering their strength for another binge of enthusiastic plunder.


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