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A Anchors: See Links

ALIGN=CENTER: See Centering

Alchemy Mindworks (Graphics Tools)

Alta Vista: See Search

AREA Parameter, Image Maps: See Image, Mapped

B B (Bolding) Command: See Bolding

Background Color

Background Wallpaper

BGCOLOR Parameter, Format

BGCOLOR Parameter, Values

BODY Section

Bookmarks, format of TITLE Command

Bookmarks, Relationship to TITLE Command

BORDER, Images

BORDER, Clickable Images

Bookmark Text: TITLE Command


BREAK Command

Breaks between Text Lines

Boutell, Inc: See Image, Mapped
C Case Sensitivity

CENTER Command: See Centering


Clickable Images: See Image, Clickable

Color, Background Parameter

Color, Concepts & Values

Color, Hexidecimal

Color, Link Text

Color, RGB

Color, Text

Comments, Imbedded

Compuserve, Domain

Compuserve, Home Publishing Wizard (HPwiz and HPpub)

Compuserve, Special Preparation

Container Concept

Container Concept Diagram

Conversations with Jeri, Index

Copyrights, Sacred
  Courtesy to your visitors
D Design, Home Page

Design, Navigation

Design, Site

Download Images from the Web, How-to

Download the Tree of Hope
E Editing a Page

Editor Software

EM (Emphasis) Command: See Italics

End-command Concept (/)

E-Mail Links: See Links

External Links: See Links

Font, Color

Font, Size
F Formatting, Bolding: See Bolding

Formatting, Breaking Text

Formatting, Centering: See Centering

Formatting, Headers: See Header Command

Formatting, Italics: See Italics

Formatting, Paragraphs

File Names, Case Sensitivity

Friend Page, First Cut
G GIF: See Image

Graduates of this course
H HEAD Section

Header Command

Hexidecimal Color

Home Page, Structure & Design

Home Page Wizard (Compuserve)

Home Page, 8-Line Starter Page

Hot Spots: See Image, Clickable

HPpub & HPwiz (Compuserve)

HREF Parameter, in Links: See Links

HREF Parameter, in Image Maps: See Image, Mapped

HTML Command

HTML Editors
I I (Italics) Command: See Italics

Image, Adding to Page

Image, Border: See Border

Image, Button: See Image, Clickable

Image, Clickable

Image, Format of Command

Image, GIF

Image, "Hot Spots": See Image, Mapped

Image, Link: See Image, Clickable

Image, JPG (JPEG)

Image, Mapped, Introduction

Image, Mapped, Parameter Details

Image, Mapped, Software

Image, Size

Image, Source

Image, Transparent -- Details

Image, Transparent -- Intro

IMG Command, Format

IMG Command, USEMAP Parameter: See Image, Mapped


J JPeg, JPG: See Image
L Links, Basic

Links, Text Color

Links, Design

Links, Format of Anchor Command

Links, E-Mail: See Links, Mail-To

Links, External

Links, Illustration of Format

Links, Mail-To

Links, Page to Page

Links, Image "Button": See Image, Clickable

Links, Image Maps: See Image, Mapped

Links, Color of Text

Links, within a Page

Lists, Ordered & Unordered
M Mail Links: See Links, Mail-To

Map Command: See Image, Mapped

MapEdit Software: See Image, Mapped

Mapped Images: See Image, Mapped
N NAME Parameter, Links

Navigation, Commands: See Links

Navigation, Design
O Objectives

Ordered List: See Lists
P Paragraphs, Alignment: See Centering

Paragraphs, Centering: See Centering

Paragraphs, (Simple) Command


R RGB Color
S Save-As: See Stealing

Search, Alta Vista

Size, Images

Size, Text -- Font

Size, Text -- Heading Command

Software, Image Maps: See Image, Mapped

Source, Images (SRC)

SRC Parameter (Images)

Stealing, Intro

Stealing, Practice Makes Perfect

STRONG (Bold) Command: See Bolding

Structure, Site
T Tables, Complex

Tables, Simple

Test View via Off-line Browser

Text Color

Text Formatting, Paragraphs

Text Formatting, Breaks

Theft: See Stealing

TITLE Command, Format

TITLE Command, Relationship to Bookmark

Transparent Images: See Image
U Under Construction, Sin

Unordered List: See Lists

USEMAP Parameter, Images: See Image, Mapped
V Viewing Your Code Offline
W Within-Page Links: See Links

Wallpaper (backgrounds)
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