Lesson 5:  Conversations with Jeri
Credit Where Credit is Due

3/26, Linda to Jeri:

... I have read your thread on your Tree Web page = sounds great!!!!!! More Power to you!!! I envy anyone who can do all that programing.

I'll sit here and root for you -- that's about all I can do but would love to get in on it.

Hugs, Linda

3/27, Jeri to Linda:

Well, I can't take too much credit as Lehua is practically holding my hand through the whole adventure. I must admit though it is fun to see it take shape. I can't wait now till it's up and running.


3/27, Lehua to Jeri:

>>Well, I can't take too much credit<<
Wrong, wrong, wrong. You CAN TOO take credit. That's why I'm letting YOU do it, instead of writing it for you. When it's done, it will be yours, your doing, your work, your tree, your labor of love. It is ours, in the sense that we all share it with you, and benefit from it, and fill you and the tree with love. But this will definitely be YOUR site!!!

Love & hugs,

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