Like Tim in Home Improvement, Gene wants MORE POWER!!! -- bigger headers.  Jeri also asks about images as backgrounds and tiled backgrounds.

Lesson #3:  Conversations with Jeri:
Larger Headers; Tiled Backgrounds

3/26, Gene to Jeri:

Thank you so much for the pictures of the Tree of Hope. Sorry I didn't thank you right away. You are a great friend.

I have a question-is there a plaque on a stand on the left of the tree? If there is what does it say? Just Curious.

As far as your homepage, I think a bold headline would help. I am sure Lehua is thinking the same way. A standard type would be <H1>Jeri Walsh's Homepage</H1> as in:

<TITLE>Jeri Walsh's Home Page</TITLE></HEAD>
<H1>Jeri Walsh's Homepage</H1>
Hi, I'm Jeri Walsh from SE Arizona. Welcome to my home page. Please visit "Our" TREE OF HOPE which is dedicated to cancer Survivors and Victims. Please visit my other pages. To visit my tree:
<A HREF="jtree.htm">Click

I am sure teach will have more suggestions. BTW like the background color. Lehua, how about making the Tree of Hope the background?


3/26, Lehua to Gene & Jeri:

>>how about making the Tree of Hope the background?<<

That would be a beautiful idea, but you'd run into some serious problems with readability. It would be bad enough for someone with a max rig, but 16-color people would have to just say ****-you and move on. Give it a try, and I think you'll see what I mean. But... what do you think of the idea of muted, dim Christmas ornaments as a tiled background? This is one that occurred to me. There's no way we could center the names on them, due to AOL vs Mosaic vs. Explorer vs. Netscape, plus the way people re-size their windows, but as a quiet background "suggestion" it might have some panache. What do you think?

Hugs, Lehua

3/26, Gene to Jeri & Lehua:

<< But... what do you think of the idea of muted, dim Christmas ornaments as a tiled background?>>

I like that idea better. I will look for some wallpaper. Gee, I hope Jeri likes it too.


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