Lesson #2:  Pre-Lesson Conversation with Jeri

(Pause and Reflect)

3/18/97, Jeri to Lehua:

YES!!!!!!!! I did it, first time, dang that was simple. Do I still need that file?? I typed it in notepad as you said, then double clicked on it in the file manager and there it was "my homepage" in Netscape---Tooo Cooool!!!

Now, what Teach???????????????????????????????

Jeri (Not staying after school today)

3/18/97, Gene to Jeri:

<<You ain't seen nothing, you should see me with OREOS!!!!>>

Please don't bring that up. My wife and son still get the heebee jeebees about what I do with chocolate covered graham crackers. <g> They definately taste better that way.


3/19/97, Lehua to Jeri & Gene:

>>there it was "my homepage" in Netscape---Tooo Cooool!!!<<

Yup, you still need the file -- we'll be building on it.

I am so tickled. If you're like me, you were completely amazed to see this sight, and how easy it was.

Okay, down to business, lesson #2:

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