In this episode, Jeri continues to dodge and wrangle.  But... she can run, but she can't hide: Despite her doubts, she ends up actually writing a small but real website, in just 8 lines.


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Lesson #1:  Starting Easy
The Very First Page

3/15/97, Lehua to Gene & Jeri:

Make yourself a directory for all the work you will do (for example, jerihtml).

Next, you decide whether you want to use an HTML editor or not. If so, Compuserve people can use HPwiz, or all sorts of other editors. I chose not to use an editor -- I use NotePad at work, and WordPad at home. For our exercises in this course, we'll use NotePad or WordPad.

I have been asked whether it's okay to use MS Word -- no, it is not. MS Word inserts wads of invisible kaka into every document, which will confuse the daylights out of the browser that receives it.

At last, ready to code! Make a file (page), using NotePad or WordPad, with the following lines:

<TITLE>Jeri's Home Page</TITLE>
Hi, I'm Jeri from Arizona. Welcome to my home page. Please visit my other pages.

Save this code in the directory you made, and name it index.htm

Then open Netscape (or whatever browser you're using, such as Explorer). Ignore the request to dial-in (it will fade into the background if you poke somewhere else). Go to Netscape's "File" menu. Choose "Open File" (NOT "Open location"!). Navigate thru your files until you find the index.htm file that you just made.

Double click your index.htm, and your page should appear in the Netscape screen.

After whooping and shrieking and running outside to tell total strangers you have done it (this is based on my own experience), you can begin expanding it, and eventually we can talk about uploading it.

When you've gotten to this point, we're ready to take things forward.

Hard to believe a page is that easy, isn't it? Well, it is.

Hugs and love,

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