Beginners guide how to build a web site
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A successful proof that absolutely everyone, even technophobes, can build their own website.

How to build a simple website

This course is divided into short lessons of approximately 20-30 minutes each, easily accomplished one per evening.

This course requires no tools other than a text editor (like Notebook, or Wordpad).

And you don't need to already have a website -- you can view your lesson results in any browser provided on your computer, without uploading them anywhere. When you feel you want to upload them into a real website, then you can do so.

How this site came about:

A lively, intelligent, funny and loving woman named Jeri had ended up with something called the Tree of Hope.  View the course contents, or skip straight to getting started, or continue on this page, to hear how she caused this site to come about.

A regular member of our Compuserve Cancer Forum, Jeri had begun putting ornaments on a large evergreen tree on her property to represent each of us who was struggling with cancer.  Some of us died, and so it became a tree not just of survivors but of those we had lost.  The idea grew, and eventually Jeri had scores of ornaments from people all over the world.

Having heard me talking happily about the fun I was having with my own websites, Jeri suggested I might put the tree on my site.  This seemed so wrong to me.  I'd had nothing to do with this beautiful idea, nor contributed any of the work to make it happen -- it was Jeri's tree, Jeri's gift to us. I was in the process of teaching HTML to coworkers, and so impressed with how easy it was for them to learn, so I suggested that she should have her own website and continue to be the guardian angel of the tree.  Gene M., a forum-mate (unbeknownst to me also a technogeek) joined in to encourage Jeri to do this.

Well, you never saw so much squirming and fussing in your life.  It was like trying to bathe a puppy, or give pills to a cat.  In a continuing attempt to wheedle me into letting her off the hook, Jeri suggested "collaboration" (a thinly veiled attempt to get someone else to develop the site for her).  With my response, the saga began.  At the end of this course, you can take a look at the site Jeri ended up with -- it's exactly what she hoped to achieve.

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