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Photo Albums, Images #2
Olden Ways
Chemist shop
Chemist Shop
Leith Walk, Edinburgh
Optics: Old Salt, Leith Walk
Optics at the Old Salt
Leith Walk, Edinburgh
Misplaced Pilrig address
Melrose had always loved the way London streets simply left off being what they were and started being something else, as if naming streets were nothing but whim.
          Martha Grimes, The Stargazey

Streets are an unimaginable crazy quilt in Britain, starting & stopping as they wish, and resuming in unrelated places.  Here, we see at least a sign that one of Pilrig's addresses is inexplicably misplaced into Spey Street.
Leith Walk, Edinburgh
Fishmongers shop, Edinburgh
Fishmonger's shop
Street Grate Edinburgh
Street Grate
Mound Place
Bagpipe makers' shop
Bagpipe makers' shop in full action
hidden away in a mysterious close

Trip Central Chronicles, Part 2

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