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Why Plockton?

Exerpts from letters to friends all over the world:

How it all started, I am crazy for a mystery author's series, P.C. Hamish MacBeth, by M.C. Beaton.  I love mysteries, but I especially love them when they're funny, and Beaton's really funny.  And I love them even more if they take me to beautiful, happy places.  Hamish is a PC in a west Highlands village called Lochdubh, a bit lazy, hopeless at relationships, and reputedly a poacher -- but very bright and lovable.

In my online cancer group we swap favorite authors, and one day one of our Scottish gentleman, Jimmie of Glasgow, said:  "Hamish MacBeth?... you mean the TV series?"

So, I began searching & begging all over the planet for a way to get the videos, finally found some in Germany. [This was a funny story in its own right -- a Hawai'ian in California finding Scots videos made by England sold by Australia via a German company, converted in our latino district by a Thai.]

They were wonderful, tho not particularly related to the books.  Still, I enjoyed them, what I could understand (the accents are thicker than Alan's by half).

In the course of this, I bumped into, and joined up with, a Hamish MacBeth internet newsgroup.  A fun group of people, and I stayed with them, though few of them knew anything of the books.

About two years ago, everyone decided to have a get-together in Hamish's home village of "Lochdubh" -- hence Plockton.  Plockton is the village used in the series to represent Lochdubh.  I've seen it on the 'net, and in the TV show Great Railway Journeys of the World, and I must say it's a good choice -- unutterably beautiful.

Smack on the sea, hills, flowers, a tiny harbour, sort of a cross between Pescadero and Bodega Bay, except with clear water and way fewer houses.

Turned out, few could go so soon, so we postponed, and ultimately decided on this coming October.  By now, however, the group is quite small, and the reason is:

Really, very few in the group had been Beaton fans.  Then the Hamish series got cancelled, as series do.  Its star, Robert Carlyle, went on to become more broadly famous (as did his Monty), and the group degenerated into a Robert Carlyle fan club, and the connection to Hamish or Lochdubh became very tenuous.

And now the time has come...


For those of you who might like to know more about M.C. Beaton or about her Hamish, check out the Hamish MacBeth Links.

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