Leisure Marine Seal Trips

Calum's Seal Trips

All photos were taken during a Leisure Marine Seal Trip

Vistas from Leisure Marine Seal Trips
Plockton dock: Calum arrives
Calum arrives in the Amanda C. to pick up his guests
Plockton: Duncraig Castle from Calum's boat

Duncraig Castle
Plockton: Dream cottage from Calum's boat

A dream cottage

Loch Carron lighthouse Eilean e Chait

You will get beautiful views of the 118-year-old lighthouse on Eilean 'e Chait
Loch Carron lighthouse Eilean e Chait

Plockton: Ulluva closeup w/seals
Notice some seals at the bottom right
Loch Carron Crab fishermen
Fishermen retrieving their crab traps
The Amanda C. passing Plockton Harbour island
The Amanda C. passing the Plockton Harbour island

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