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Leisure Marine Seal Trips

Sail to the seals with Leisure Marine
Phone (and FAX) +44 (0)1599 544 306

The Amanda C travelling Loch Carron
The old Amanda C. travelling Loch Carron
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Booking and Schedules

A Talisker Quality Award Winner

Leisure Marine is the original Plockton seal trip, and has been established for over 30 years.

Leisure Marine is D.O.T. licensed and fully insured.

The trips are every hour for one hour.  Also, ask Calum about small boats for hire:  motor, rowing, canoes, and sailing boats.

Seal trip fares:

  • Contact Leisure Marine for current rates

A word from Calum:

Most trips you'll see over 100 seals, very occasionally only a few.  However, if you're out on the one trip when they've all gone for their dinner, and you don't see any, you can have your money back, or come on a free trip -- I can't be fairer than that!!  Also regular otter sightings.

Get your tickets from Leisure Marine booking office where you can also buy souveniers to remind you of your trip.

All sailings are subject to weather conditions.
D.O.T. licensed to carry 12 passengers.


How to Find Us

Our booking office is at
32 Harbour Street,
next to Plockton Stores

If you're not here... Calum's Shop
Or here... Calum's Jetty

You're in the wrong place!

Coming soon:
More details on how to find us


Things We've Seen

Click on any of the thumbnail photos to see a larger image,
or go straight to the photo pages.

The wildlife albums:

Seals, cormorants, oystercatchers, otters, many species of gulls, herons -- these are only a few of the exciting creatures we've seen on our trips.

Vistas from the Seal Trip

Apart from the exciting seals and other marine life, the vistas of Plockton Harbour and Loch Carron are matchless.Duncraig Castle from Calum's boat  Check out Duncraig Castle, a 150-year-old lighthouse, Ulluva, and many other beautiful scenes.  You might even get to watch the Highlands train arriving in Plockton.


About Calum, Your Skipper and Guide
Calum MacKenzie, your skipper

Calum MacKenzie is a Plockton native, and has a deep love for this region.

Leisure Marine's guests enjoy not just the seals and the breathtaking environment, but also a wealth of stories about the area, and what it's like to grow up in Plockton.

Calum's trips inspired the Hamish MacBeth episode In Search of a Rose -- if you're a Hamish fan, check out the details.


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If you have any questions about seal trips, boat hires, or the Plockton region,
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