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Go visit StrongBad
There is no way to explain B3TA. You just have to see it. Dancing Hamsters
I  love this,
I  love this!
Monty Python
I have no explanation for this:
Ja Da
(but don't miss it!)

Half Moon Bay Watch

Life down the road a piece

Literature &

Ian Rankin

"... the qualities that have established Rankin as one of Britainís leading novelists in any genre: a powerful sense of place; a redefinition of Scotland and its past; persuasive dialogue and a growing compassion among its characters.í New Statesman

A story by Nona Beamer, including order info for her CD "The Golden Lehua Tree"
Tap Dogs ! !
Enjoy Hamish MacBeth, Rebus, McCallum, Wire in the Blood and more

... Yesssssss!!
 My new enthusiasm: Visit Josh Groban

Choose the Music tab;
I recommend You Raised Me Up
Ian Rankin's latest :

UK: (under its correct name, Fleshmarket Close) cover

  Go to MusicPlasmaMusicPlasma -- try this, it's incredible.

Fun &
Wallace & Gromit
Aardman Animations
Those hilarious guys at Car Talk (NPR). I don't normally pay any attention to these things, but this Personality Test is truly uncanny.
-- Contributed by Claire Maxwell
The Daily WAV, with the very funniest audio clips from movies Joe Bob Briggs' America Drive-In -- Check it out! A Prairie Home Companion

Other Pleasures
Mill Valley Wildlife
thru Alan's eyesPhoto from site
Eternal Egypt
Multimedia magic among the ancients
A phenomenal collection of historical maps

David Rumsey's Historical Map Collection
The Banana Tree -- Exotic plants and seeds, including Hawai'ian gingers Bad Astronomy:
Funny, enlightening, excellent
Brian Hill's Hamish MacBeth Page, including a map of Plockton area as relates to Lochdubh sites
The Human Genome Project Grouse Mountain Refuge
Grizzly cams
Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum's
Hawai'ian birds display
Kenneth Libbrecht's
Go to Snowflakes.com
This site has it all -- beauty, science, and magic
GIS & Mapping

Geographic Information Systems, maps & mapping, historical exploration resources, links
SF Gate's Animated Fog Map

Useful Things
Blackwell's Online Bookshop
A thrilling wealth of academic books

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This page is the color of the heather that blooms on the slopes
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