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Beware any job that requires a change of clothes.
    -- Thoreau

One of my first jobs was the several years I spent at Bank of Hawai'i. I also worked at Hawai'ian Electric, and at Computab, which was for years the largest and oldest software bureau in the islands.

Nearly all of my adult life I've been a computer programmer.  But there've been many forays and sidelines.

Photo: Doug & Lehua with early trophyI was also a teacher for a time at Honolulu Business College, and a dance teacher with Arthur Murray Studios in Honolulu. Although I love all dances, latin dance was my specialty.

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Lehua & SnowSong: first ribbons Almost as much fun as dancing, I was a handler and trainer for both conformation and obedience. I worked mostly with breeds that were rare to the islands -- Alaskan malamutes, Siberian huskies, and chowchows. Here's a photo of me with one of my own, Snow Song of the Pacific, with her very first baby ribbons.  Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger picture.

Somewhere in all of that, I managed to join the Coast Guard Reserves. This resulted in a number of unlikely skills, such as signalling with flags, abandoning ship, running a fire hose, and shooting guns. I also worked on my only real IBM 1401.  Here's a photo of me receiving Outstanding Cadet at boot camp.  Click the thumbnail image to see a bigger picture. Lehua CoastGuard

Artificial Stupidity (AS) may be defined as the attempt by computer scientists to create computer programs capable of causing problems of a type normallyassociated with human thought.

    -- Wallace Marshal, quoted by Ray Kurzweil in The Age of Spritual Machines.

Here on the mainland I am once again in banking. I've been dwarfed by mainframes all my life, but am breaking into the color, sound, motion, and life of the newer technologies.

My first C program was called "bathtub", and calculated the amount of noodles you would have to buy in order to bathe in spaghetti (this is a long story/joke involving my son Eric).  My first VB program was "Butterflies and Roaches" -- way cool!  A nasty giant-Hawai'ian roach skitters across the screen and, when you poke it, it turns into a monarch butterfly flapping along.  High-minded stuff.

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