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Lehua's So-Called "Love Life"

Lehua when she was a baby
when she was
a little baby

Oh where are the simple joys of maidenhood?

   -- Joshua Logan's Camelot, 1967.

When I was a chicken-tender, I was kind of cute. Now that I don't look like that anymore, my love-life is....


(And will be, all my life)

[I thought about listing all my ex's here, but my provider only allows me 2 meg.]

A conversation with Kevin -- will I ever find true love?
From time to time, I encounter quotes that catch my attention
Though it's unusual for me to ever say anything about relationships, I sometimes speak through my paintings and my poems

A few weeks ago I was babysitting young Kevin at my place, and as always, we had dinner at my picture window enjoying the sea and, at this time of the year, a breathtaking sunset.

This seems to be the time when Kevin broaches serious subjects and, sure enough, he fixed me with serious eyes.  [From his mother, he has strange new-penny copper eyes, with matching hair.]

"Grantie, Mom is Dad's wife..." -- I nodded encouragement -- "and Mom is Dad's wife..."

"Yes," I invited.

"How come you don't have a wife, Grantie?"

[Arrgh. Choke.] What am I supposed to answer to that? Finally, I said, "Remember last year, when Daddy got that wonderful Christmas tree? And it was so perfect, so Just Right?  Well, remember how picky Daddy was, and how long he searched? [Daddy is a very particular person!]  Well, finding a wife is like that, it's really complicated, and takes a long time.  It's like the tree, it can't be too big, or too small, and even when it's the right size, it has to be balanced and be... well... right."

He thought for awhile.  At that time, my son was due for a short visit, and that must have been on his mind, for he said, "But what about your son?  Doesn't he have a dad?"

I forebore to go into the variations of dad-having where childbearing is concerned and said, "Yes, but he has a different wife.  That's what I mean about the Christmas tree -- we were so young back then, we didn't know how to search carefully, or to know what all to look for, so we picked the wrong wife.  But then he found the right wife, and they've been happy for a really long time, years and years.  So my son has two good moms now, instead of one, and we all love him very much."

He seemed reassured for my son, but still had that tiny vertical line on his velvet brow, and I realized it was me he remained worried for when he asked, "Grantie, will you EVER have a wife?"

-- Auntie Lehua, 12/7/99

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