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Cuzz Tom's lovely Gina

Cuzz Tom's lovely Gina
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Family: My Generation

 Malia Kanani
loves and is loved. She devotes her life to being the best person she can be. She is a licensed hypnotherapist, an artist, and a spirit of great panache. I love her very much and I can't imagine what I'd do without her support. Malia is a member of the Baha'i Faith.
loves Malia and whisks her up and down Coastside between the wilderness mountains and a pied-ŕ-terre in The City. He is a most excellent brother.
lives on the "Big Island " of Hawai'i, at the sea in Kaimu.  He's an activist working to stop the abuse of gay youngsters, and I'm very proud of him.  He's also a very bright and funny person -- I love him.

Kids, Kids, Kids!

lives near Pahoa on the Big Island, where he continues his lifelong study of mellow. He is the apple of my eye, and my finest creation.  He is going to teach me the game of Magic when he finally gets online.  Photos?
and Steve have become country folks. Jimmy also is on Oahu and is a good father to his babies. Patti & Tracy are off and away again with their children,. Martha is in Honolulu, and is enjoying the toddlerhood of her lovely Hokulani. Photos?
is currently in flux between odd living arrangements. In spite of everything, he's still always sunny, and always good for a hug.  He recently left his long-time job at Wells Fargo to work at the Federal Reserve.
Ronald Jr.
and Melody are in East Bay with their adorable daughter Unique. Unique loves to talk on the phone, and I could listen to her forever.
is in East Bay near her brother, with son LaRon and daughter Britney. I don't see them often enough.
is living in the Bay Area at the moment, but we don't see each other often enough.

Nephews & Nieces & Nephlets & Niecelets:

Walter Kamuela
works for a major airline and has moved to Colorado. I remember changing his diapers, but he towers over me now. He has served as a loving surrogate son many a dark time. Daughter Tamara and son Ryan live too far away to see often, but what a joy when they visit.
is making the transition from a fine-arts potter in the mountains near Santa Cruz to ... ??? in the wilds of the Big Island.  Kalena began life by trying to write "Kalena Kahawai'ola'a Kaleikini" with a kiddy-pencil.  Ben, after years of hard work, finished his thesis and is now teaching in Keaau.  Daughters Kaikea and Kala'iakea are my sunlight and moonlight, and since their de-emigration last July I have been devastated.  I miss them very, very much.  Photos?
and Christopher and Jason are all doing fine.  Jason expects to get his master's by the end of this year; Amy is working hard at her job in Los Angeles, "busily mitigating electromagnetic fields."  Chris had some great success and is now going to the school of his choice, off eastward.  Photos? Visit Jason & Amy's website?

Hanai Family:
Doug & Donna & Kevin
Doug (aka "the Good Ex") is as good a friend as most people are lucky to have and, due to his good taste, has added Donna to my life as an equally good friend.   They live on Coastside with kitty Peaches, who still considers me one of her mothers.  Photos?  Visit Kevin's website?

Artee (photo?) is the friend I pal around with most at work. He works at the Marine Mammal Center, and is qualified for rescues, hence the exciting experience I had rescuing LeRoy the sea lion last summer. He's a great help with my birdwatching, and the source of most of the jokes I regale you with. Both Antonio & Doug work with me, so there's a touch of nepotism, but it makes worklife much richer and happier. I'm very blessed with my teammates, they are the best part of work. Neerja, Phi, Wai-Hing, Frank, Roman, Eugene -- they are not only top-flight technicians, but loving and witty people, and we cover each other's backs.  We have a good boss, who has little patience with the crap we would otherwise have to suffer (and a good technician in his own right). And nearby are Anita, Gail, Ronnie, Alan-Sama (photo?), Mike, Michael, and many other good people to form an enviable posse.

Especially since I got sick, much of my social life is spent humming thru the wires. Connect charges & illness drove me out of the Women's room, so now I gather 'round the fireside at CIS's Cancer Forum and CIS's Village Inn, in the Gamers' Forum.
The Cancer Forum is full of amazing people, many of them worse off than I am, yet full of laughter, love, plans, courage, and always time to focus on each other, and lend support. Marge is the fine woman who brought me in there, new & terrified & ignorant, and I'll always be grateful.
Gamers' came about while I was searching for help with my beloved world of Myst© , and a more erudite and diverse group never existed. Love's been in the air in Gamers', and we've been allowed to meddle in the lives of AkaMwidge, Lady T, Yvonne, and RaedWulf. John of Anchorage not only kept me from shooting myself while lost in Myst's slimy, toad-ridden Channelwood, but became a very solid real friend. Joanne, Elizabeth, Guccio of Milan, Dwaine in Minnesota, Lehua-2, Mark, P.C., Oroborus, are no longer in the forums, but keep in touch. See Mikey of Gamers' website? Or Leonard of Mukilteo?

Mystees: Visit the Myst© EndGamers' Wall of Honor upon which are lovingly carved the names, end dates, and locations of those who've journeyed through the worlds of Myst©.

("Old People's Bar") is still going strong. Drop in anytime and meet Candy & D.C., Sharon, MaryEllen & Charlie, SamGirl, Dale, Mikey, Rocky, Sweet-Thang Matthew & his fine daddy Frank, Ben, Pete, Terry & Tika, Klaus, Little Kevin, Gary, Linda, Janice, Candyman, Carmen, Fred, SnakeBoy, Willy, Esther (!), Ted, Richie, Jay, Patrick & Danny, and WeedWhacker. On a lucky day, you might even see Chuckers & his Magnificent Mom. On a bad day, you might see... well, almost anything.

Crack open the OPB door and take a peek at the denizens inside.

Le Ménage:
Picaro in energetic phasePícaro is a reincarnated Oakland blues musician. He has important activities at night and doesn't like to be questioned about them. He is extremely macho and is the greatest hunter on the entire coast. Don't mess with his dignity -- he won't get violent, but you won't be seeing him around if you do. He believes humans were put here by God to be fulltime doormen.

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