Central Park
I Love NY 2001
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Photo: subway to ParkOnto the infamous New York subway, heading for Central Park and all the sights along the way Photo: fresco and dog Photo: dog in window  
Photographing these striking frescos, I noticed a tiny dog in the left most window. Had to get a closeup
Photo: garden fountain Photo: sun on fountain The neighborhoods around the Park are beautiful Photo: solarium
A charming solarium
A shady garden on a broiling day, sun glinting on the water
Photo: Central Park West sign At last, Central Park Photo: carriages at rest Photo: carriage horse  
Naturally, I made a bee line to the horses -- all made up in creative colours, to match their varied carriages
Photo: lake scene Photo: lake scene Photo: lake scene Photo: lake scene  
Along any path are found stunning lake scenes  
Photo: view from the Boat HouseA leisurely latte at the Boat House, looking out onto the lake Photo: Trefoil Arch Photo: Park wilderness
Nearby is the Trefoil Arch, and more "wilderness"
Photo: winged statue

Photo: winged statue
There's traditional statuary in the Park

Photo: Lehua with Hans Photo: Lehua with Mad Hatter
And also more playful themes, such as Hans Christian Andersen and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Photo: log pavilion
A mysterious log pavilion
Photo: toy boats and ducks
Wee boats visit the ducks
Photo: black-head swan
An exotic black head swan
Photo: baby robin
A little baby robin takes some sun. We worried he was hurt, but he was just relaxing, then flew away
After an artistic paralysis of many years, I finally painted again. For the first time since I got sick. We sat in the shade garden at the seal pool and I fearfully put my hand to brush. We shared a palette, which is a first for me and very very fun. Having learned to steal and to take advantage at teahouse parties, I did well scooping up paint without doing any of the work.  
Click thumbnails for an individual image, or see them side by side Photo: view of Pierre Watercolour of the Pierre
I felt awkward, and I'm not even sure I like the piece but... the important thing is: I painted.
I never thought it was possible that I could paint again, never thought there was a way that could happen. But life is full of miracles. And Manhattan is a particular source of miracles.