Feeding the Spirit

Original Photograph: 'Hat Man'
Original photograph "Hat Man" by ©Lehua (a few yards from where I grew up)
Without the ability to create, I think I wouldn't bother to struggle so to live.  I'm buoyed by painting, dancing, singing (8 years as a gospel soprano with Glide Church in San Francisco), couture, photography, writing stories and poetry, creating jewelry, creating silk flowers (I attained Master under training by a living treasure of Japan, Miyuki Iida). Once in a while I write some music. And sometimes I write a little.


"Soft-Shelled Crab", an original poem by Lehua:

Soft-shelled crab
Hiding in the crevice of a rock

Watch yourself!
Hungry, evil predators, so cruel

Feeble thing -
How to stay protected 'till you're hard?

Don't step out
Or join the hundred thousands ripped apart

Would you like me to give you another poem?

Poetry, Volume 1

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