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Kevin's performance is so fantabulous and energetic that he actually leaves the ground.

Photo by Grantie, 3/17/2001

Kevin's Super Duper Loop-de-Looper Alley Ooper Bounce


March 17, 2001


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Photo: Tweety and balloons
Photo: Parents of the Star
Photo: Kevin struts the Looper
Photo: Kevin does a fine Looper swivel
The theatre was made quite festive for the star performances on the programme.
The parents of our star wait excitedly for the main event.
Kevin struts his Looper stuff.
Kevin executes a dazzling swivel.
Photo: Dad shares the video
Photo: Kevin views the video
Photo: Kevin gets chocolate pandas
For a really thrilling experience, check out the animation of Kevin's Looper
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Dad shows Kevin that this great event has been recorded for posterity.
A vigilant self-critic, Kevin must review for himself.
What a surprise! -- Grantie has brought a "bouquet" for the star, in the form of chocolate pandas.

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