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Biology Lab
1999 - 2000

Horton the Elephant, 11/99 Horton the Elephant

Frog growth cycle Frog Growth Cycle, 11/99

Here are shown the cycles of a frog's growth.  Kevin shows us pollywog, tadpole, and mature frog.

Brain, muscle, and heart

Human Organs, 2/00

Clockwise from top:

  • The brain, with the beginning of the spinal column
  • A muscle cell
  • The heart (this happens to be a Teletubbie heart)

The Exploding Boy

    Clockwise from top left:

    • The arteries and veins of the bloodstream
    • Individual cells
    • The brain, with the skull popping apart to display it
    • The esophagus
    • The kidneys
    • Muscles
Individual cells The organs pop out of the body for full viewing The veins and arteries of the bloodstream Muscle cells The brain The skull, opened up to show the brain The esophagus The kidneys

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