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Summer at Poolside

Summer at Poolside
Surrealist Watercolor, 6/99

The joys of summer, the excitement of splashing under the sun.

Kevin is at center, getting ready to dive off the big purple diving board.

To his right Mom enjoys watching the fun. Jeffrey is above, on the roof of the beautifully rendered pool house, tossing a fish into the water.  To his left, D.W. has also pitched a fish.  Becky is in the water, in a bright blue suit -- "splash!"   You can see the water splashing up around her.

The big, bright sign says, "Swimming Pool."

Pooh and Piglet

Watercolor, 11/99

Pooh and Piglet, friends forever.

Balancing Art

Kevin is an avid and talented student of art.  Here is his creation during a class exercise in balancing art.

Collage, 1/00

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