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Po's birthday

A Celebration of Po's Birthday
Expressionist Watercolor, 10/98

Elmo & Cookie Monster w/sun
Cookie Monster and Elmo with Sun and Pumpkin
Surrealist pastel & ink with block print, 1/99

The very best family
Grantie inscription
Mom, Peaches & Fifi, Kevin & Grantie, Dad
Pastel & ink, 1/30/99
(Peaches is saying "meeow, meeow.")

Kevin has the kindest heart I've ever seen in such a young child.  When Pícaro and Fifi could no longer live together, Kevin and family gave Fifi a wonderful home.  The day before her arrival, Kevin made this and several other drawings of Fifi, showing her as part of the household.  On the day I brought her to them, he was quite distressed that she was afraid, and pursued her under couches and beds trying to show her the pictures of her, in order to reassure her that she was acknowledged, and welcome, and part of a loving family.  Kevin has quite a capacity to bring tears to my eyes, and this was one of those occasions.

Notice how Mom and Dad surround us, like the walls of a supportive home.  Kevin and I are disproportionately large; I'd like to think it's because our friendship was what was foremost in his mind at that moment.  He was very aware of how much he was helping me by taking Fifi.  He takes helping very seriously.

Of note also is the beautiful "Grantie" label he drew for this picture, which was for me to keep.  (And I got a private chuckle from his choice to garb me in wild colors -- too true!)

There is surely not a better, more loving family in the whole world.

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