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Great Literature
Volume I
January, 1999

Kevins 1st story #1GrantieNotes, 1/17/99:

This is Kevin's very first story, written on his own initiative with no prompting or suggestions.  It is a story about the grand birthday party he produced for Laa Laa (a Teletubbie).

Chapter on the left:
"Here's Laa Laa when she was a baby."
Kevins 1st story #2

Chapter on the right:
"Here's Laa Laa's first birthday.  Laa Laa got a [present (image)] that had a toy and it had a Cat in a Hat."

Cat in the Hat Vol I

GrantieNotes, 1/13/99:

Dr. Suess's Cat in the Hat is one of Kevin's favorite books at this time.  But Kevin wasn't content to passively intake someone else's creation -- he decided (completely on his own) to write and illustrate his own version.

Look at how formed the figures are -- these are not stick figures.  The hands and feet are quite well formed, with accurate components, and lots of details are showing up such as kitty-type ears, and accessories.

I laughed out loud when I saw that he'd labelled the little cats as "A" and "B".  This is amazing.  Kids his age are able to think in terms of a first and second cat, but the A/B is so advanced, a clear demonstration that he understands the concept of delineation and versions.

A perfectionist who shall remain unnamed suggested that I touch up a few spots in the above drawing, but I think that would be like colorizing a great cinematic masterpiece.  I'm totally impressed just as it is.

Here's looking forward to further chapters.

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