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Click on any thumbnail for a larger image Xmas 98 panel
kvsan98a 15K
Telling Santa of wonderful things he might want, 12/98
kvxms98 8K
Dressed up in Christmas finery, 12/98
kvperu-a 11K
Wafting the music of the Andes, 11/98
kvtree1a 13K
A big grin, having scaled the heights, 11/98
kvgrxm98 19K
Grantie and Kevin opening presents, Christmas '98

Panel 004
kvteres1 24K
Kevin with his beloved Auntie Teresa, Spring '99
kvpregrd 28K
Kevin giving the valedictorian speech at preschool graduation, June '99
kvfamstil 25K
A still life composition by Kevin, of balls with a central Teletubbie; July '99

Panel Zoo 7/99
San Francisco Zoo Member's Night
July 15, 1999

You can click on any of the thumbnails above to see a single image, or you can see the images in photo album style by going to:
Zoo Night Part One (148K) or
Zoo Night Part Two (111K)
zoMomDa1 20K
Mom and Dad, our host and hostess
Photo by Kevin!
zoRide-a 70K
Katy & Grantie on the Tiger Coaster
zoDance1 32K
Happy family dancing
zoKvPipe 15K
Playing the pipes
zoJfHors 33K
Dad, Kevin & Jeff on the carousel
zoLorikt 34K
Katy, Kevin & Jeffrey with the giant lorikeet
zoSweHrt 11K
Sweethearts at the zoo
Photo by Kevin!
zoKvLand 14K
Coming in for a landing
zoBounc1 35K
In the Bouncy Castle
Kevin inspects the plumbing
kvplumb.jpg 12K

Having just designed his own clubhouse (currently nearly completed), Kevin continues his architectural studies by examining the fundamentals of plumbing.
Photo by Dad (natch!)

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