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Shelf 1:

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wnewkev 17K
Mom & Dad holding newborn Kevin 10/94
wkevpech 27K
Kevin playing with an inexplicably willing Peaches
wkvball2 13K
Kevin drowning in colored balls at Discovery Zone, Spring of '96.
wkvartst 12K
Kevin immersing himself in Art 12/96
wdondug1 13K
Mom & Dad preparing for Christmas
welmoboy 8K
Kevin in his Elmo suit 10/96
wkevwinr 24K
Donna & Kevin; When Kevin was a baby, this was: "SO-O-O Big!".  But, now that he's grownup, it is:  "Touchdown!"
wkvcook 10K
Kevin cooking a birthday cake for Grantie 12/96

panel #2
kevpgmrb 9K
Kevin updating his website
kv9710a 12K
Kevin in painterly delight, cracking up over his latest creation. Note the stylish garb, courtesy of Dad. 10/97
kv9710b 10K
Kevin laying the foundation for a masterwork. 10/97
kveleph 17K
Kevin with elephant sewed by Grantie & Christmas-stocking chocolate on his face. 12/97
kvsumoov 9K
Kevin in sumo birthday overalls sewed by Grantie , 10/97
kvbluht2 6K
Kevin surprised me by liking this blue hat more than some of my "better" Christmas gifts -- he uses it as part of his Cookie Monster "costume"; 12/97
kv9710c 11K
This is a side of Kevin that fascinates me.  Having observed many children exploring art, never have I seen a toddler with his degree of concentration.  Audience, toys, all surroundings fade out of existence as he attacks the challenge of creation. 10/97

panel #3
kvreadgr 11K
Storytime with Grantie, Peaches, & the Elmo feet, 3/98
kvridlio 16K
Riding the lion, 9/98
kvcooldg 27K
Kevin, the definer of Cool, 10/98
kvfedbrd 17K
Kevin feeding an exotic bird, 9/98

teletubbies panel
The Teletubbies
laikev1b 20K
Kala'i and Kevin with the Teletubbies, 7/98
laikev2c 24K laikv3a 20K kvlaalov 17K
Kevin overwhelmed with love for the Laa Laa he got for Christmas
Christmas '98

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