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Website Raison d'Ítre

Auntie Lehua, 8/4/97:

By the time Kevin was two, I had been planning for a long time to give Kevin a site of his own, vs. merely a page off of mine.  I had been waiting only for the official setup of my domain.  Without my realizing it, Kevin had been listening to my plans, and evidently understanding them.

One Sunday I was due to visit Kevin and he was very excited about it.  The night before, unbenownst to me, he and daddy went searching the web for his site, thinking I'd already put it up.  The next morning, when I arrived, he greeted me literally hopping up and down.  [Of course I had to stop on the middle of the stairs and hop up and down also.]  Then, bursting with enthusiasm, the first thing he said to me was, "Where's my website?"

Well, I stopped hopping up and down for a minute and just stared at him.  [I find myself staring at him quite a lot, and have to remind myself to stop that -- but, he's just such an amazing child!]

I said, "Kevin, I... do... not... believe... that a 2 and a half year old is asking me where his website is."  He grinned proudly.

That very night, I installed the initial version of his website.

Soon after, he visited me and we surfed through his site together.  He loved it, and sent himself two E-mails.  [He was very picky about the content of the E-mails, preferring to have his name in upper case, which he knows quite well how to do.]

 Since then, I cut him some business cards with his URL, and the title "World's Youngest Webmaster" -- he enjoys those, too.

My primary motive, personal to me, was to display his artwork, of which I'm enamoured.  I hope you enjoy his gallery as much as I do.

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