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Kevin's Cinematic Career

Move over, Spielberg NEW! Flash Movie X-mas 09, December 2009

NEW! Flash Movie Thanksgiving 09, November 2009

Flash Movie Halloween 09 , October 2009

Flash Movie Dad's Birthday 09 , September 2009

Flash Movie July 4th 09, June 2009

Flash Movie Father's Day 09, June 2009

Flash Movie Mom's Birthday 09, June 2009

Flash Movie Mother's Day 09, May 2009

Flash Movie St. Patrick's Day 09, March 2009

Flash Movie Valentine's 09, February 2009

Flash Movie New Year's 08-09 , December 2008

Flash Movie X-mas 08, December 2008

Flash Movie Thanksgiving?, November 2008

Flash Movie Halloween 08, October 2008

Flash Movie Dad's Birthday 08 , September 2008

Flash Movie July 4th 08, July 2008

Flash Movie Fathers' Day 08, June 2008

Flash Movie Mommy's Birthday 08, June 2008

Flash Movie Mothers' Day 08, May 2008

Flash Movie St. Patrick's Day 08, March 2008

Flash Movie Valentine's 08, February, 2008

Flash Movie Christmas 07, January, 2008

Flash Movie Thanksgiving 07, November, 2007

Flash Movie Halloween 07, October, 2007

Flash Movie Dad's Birthday 07, July, 2007

Flash Movie Fourth of July 07, July, 2007

Flash Movie Fathers' Day 07 , June, 2007

Flash Movie Mom's Birthday 07 , June, 2007

Flash Movie Mothers' Day 07, May, 2007

Flash Movie Easter 07, April, 2007

Flash Movie St. Pat 07, March, 2007

Flash Movie V-tines 07, February, 2007

Flash Movie New Year '06-07, December, 2006

Flash Movie Christmas '06 , December, 2006

Flash Movie Thanksgiving '06 , November, 2006

Flash Movie
Halloween '06, October, 2006

Flash Movie Kevin's Birthday '06 , October, 2006 (by Dad... Who'd have guessed?)

Flash Movie Dad's Birthday, September, 2006

Flash Movie MDAE Trailer, August, 2006 (a.k.a. "Commercial")

Flash Movie July 4th 2006, July, 2006

Flash Movie Father's Day, June, 2006

Flash Movie Mommy's B-Day, June, 2006

Flash Movie Mothers' Day 2006, May, 2006

Flash Movie St. Pat 06, March, 2006

Flash Movie V-tine 06, February, 2006

Flash Movie NewYear_05_06, December, 2005

Flash Movie X-mas05, December, 2005

Flash Movie T-givin05, November, 2005

Flash Movie Geoffrey's 11th B-day, November, 2005

Flash Movie
Kevin's B-day, October, 2005 (by Dad... No, I made a present for myself!)

Flash Movie
Daddy B-day, September, 2005

Flash Movie Stick Guy II, August, 2005

Flash Movie Daddy-Day, June, 2005

Flash Movie Mothers Day, May, 2005 (uhh, we'll see)

Flash Movie M-D tine, February, 2005

Flash Movie ValenMom, February, 2005

Flash Movie Grantietine, February, 2005

Smaller Cartoons

These were too short to be considered big, and too good to be considered useless. Enjoy!

Flash Movie Rat Bird, May, 2006 (created for Grantie as an inside joke at work)

Flash Movie Camelduh, May 2005

Flash Movie Spidey Man, July, 2005

Flash Movie Boat Ride, February, 2005

Flash Movie Livin' Room Run, January, 2005

Flash Movie Stick Guy v3, March, 2005
(Second Version Stick Guy v2, January, 2005)
(First Version
StickGuy v1, October, 2004)

Small / Random / Useless

Be warned. These ones just weren't quite meant to be. They're from when I was first learning Flash, and you couldn't tell between my work and Dad's. Half of them were never meant to be put up in the first place. Don't try to enjoy! You'll only hurt yourself and others.

[Editor's note: The above contains some bull -- several of these are actually hilarious. My favourite is Beach Blob, which always gives me the giggles. Morph is rather funny, too. And of course Tinky Winky Bounce, being the beginning of the beginning, always melts my heart.]

Okay, what I mean to say is that these don't have any real plot. Or real punch-lines. Except for when I fall off a cliff in "Dad & Friends." They're just... senseless.

Kevin's first Flash movie, Tinky Winky Bounce, August, 2003

Flash Movie Beach Blob, December, 2004

Flash Movie Shapsies, January, 2005

Flash Movie Morph, January, 2005

Flash Movie Dad & Friends, updated January, 2005

Flash Movie Gymnast, January, 2005

Flash Movie Mumbly-Peg, January, 2005

Flash Movie Walk, January, 2005

Flash Movie Wavo, January, 2005

Early storyboards and movies

Check out the test version of the new cinema page


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