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Kevin the Artist

Kevins compositions and photos of piano parties

Kevin's Music

Move over, Spielberg Kevin's
Cinematic Career

View Kevin's architecture See also:  Kevin's Architecture  
View holiday creations Some holiday creations, 2004  

Visual Arts

The Painter's early Works
Kevin's Computer Graphics
1999View Kevin's computer graphics
Gallery Corridor 1 View corridor 1
Gallery Corridor 2 View corridor 2
  Kevin's One-Man Art Show 4/2001View the art show
Gallery Corridor 3 View corridor 3
  Kevin's own photography View Kevin's photography

Great Literature

Great Literature, Volume I
January, 1999
  • Laa Laa's Birthday Party
  • A rewrite of Cat in the Hat
  Great Literature, Volume II
  • Dipsy Saw a Rainbow
  • A Pizza for Dad
  • Dipsy and the Rocket
Great Literature, Volume III
Stuck in a Pile of Letters
Cookie recipe Cooking with Kevin

I guess we're not surprised that Kevin has decided to write his own cookbook -- complete with illustrations.

Here's the opening entry,
Chocolate Chip Apple Cookies


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