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Weekend with Grantie: Sunday

Photo:  Kevin makes the morning waffles
Kevin prepares the morning waffles
Photo: Flowers at breakfast table
Photo: Dad  pours Martinellis
Photo: Kevin at Mazetti's: decisions, decisions
A special celebratory breakfast on the new deck, with flowers from Kevin's own garden and Martinelli's "champagne"
Photo:  Haunted house model
Photo: Kevin reads the funny papers
Photo: Kevin and Grantie watch Rolie Polie Olie
Our haunted house model is finally complete. Kevin studies the funny papers. Our Sunday ritual includes watching Rolie Polie Olie
Photo: Mom & Kevin review Kevin's latest film
Photo: Kevin working at his art table
Photo: loving Peaches
Mom & Kevin review his latest animated movie.
A wave from the great artist.
Peaches is always happy to see Mom #2 .
Photo:  Elmo Photo: Kevin waves from arbor Photo: Kevin waves from car
Elmo crows over the excesses of the night before.
Kevin waves goodbye to Grantie from Dad's arbor. As Grantie heads out, Kevin climbs up on the car for a better view.

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