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Weekend with Grantie: Sat.

Photo: Kevin at Florey's Books
Photo: Kevin at Mazetti's Bakery
Photo: Kevin at Mazetti's: decisions, decisions
Kevin & Grantie stop at Florey's Book Store.  No Garfields! -- Sigh.
Oh joy!  A stop at the fabulous Mazetti's Bakery for a bit more Excess.  Decisions, decisions.
Photo: Kevin near Pedro Point
Photo: Kevin at Grantie's car
Photo: Kevin dining a Pedro Point
A stop at the beachside fast food joint... Yel quiero Taco Bell! Kevin waves in front of Grantie's car. The dining duo take in some "taco ice cream".... Eccchh!!
Photo: bird on lady's head
Photo: Grumpy bird
We have an unusual companion during our beachside brunch.  This grumpy bird bit Grantie's lens.
Photo: Kevin choosing videos
Photo: Kevin choosing movie treats
Photo: Kevin exercising remote
Final stop, the video store. Kevin knows right where to go for entertainment and for treats.
And now the Evening of Excess really begins!

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