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Jeremy Shafer's Origami Demonstration

December 21, 2003

  • Kevin explores
  • Wonders of the Exploratorium
  • The Exploratorium's angels
  • Jeremy Shafer's origami demonstration

Go to June 03 piano partyMs. Kitty's Piano Party
June 28, 2003

Kevin gives family & friends a chance to enjoy his musical prowess

Photo: Kevin at Mazetti's BakeryA Typical Weekend with Grantie
September, 2001
  • Saturday:
    • Lunch on the beach
    • Florey's Book Store
    • Mazetti's Bakery
    • Videos
  • Sunday:
    • Making waffles
    • Breakfast on the deck
    • Watching Rolie Polie Olie
    • Arts & Activities
    • Farewells

View Kevin's art show Kevin's one-man art show, 4/2001
View Kevin doing the Loop-de-Looper Kevin's Looper Act
Kevin Performing the Loop-de-Looper, 3/2001

(Includes an animation)
View Roaring Camp photosRoaring Camp
December, 1999
Warning -- these photos are very large
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View archive shelf 1 Archive Photos Shelf 1

The Man who defined Cool
Photo by Mom & Dad

View Kevin's own photography See also: Kevin's own photography

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