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Cancer & Breast Cancer Information Links

The Breast Cancer Site (contributed by Cathy)
Oncolink cancer super-site, breast cancer section.
NABCO: National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations

NCI Clinical Trials (National Cancer Institute).

BreastCancer.Net (The Breast Cancer Network)
Great, late-breaking news, and they also offer the (free) BreastCancer.Net Newsletter.

Purdue Research Foundation:
Introduction to Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy Drug Groups.

New England Journal of Medicine breast cancer articles.

The Breast Tutorial, created by Dr. William H. Wohlberg, professor of Surgery and Human Oncology at the University of Wisconsin, and his third year students.  There is also a more layman-oriented version of this site.

Patient Centers' Breast Cancer Center at http://www.patientcenters.com/breastcancer -- very comprehensive, and has the rare feature of providing a page of research links at http://www.patientcenters.com/breastcancer/research.html.

Steve Dunn has an enormously important site at CancerGuide, "How to Research the Medical Literature", at http://cancerguide.org/research.html.

Northwest Hospital's Seattle Breast Center at http://www.seattlebreastcenter.org -- lightweight compared to older sites.

Breast Cancer Awareness and Solution Network, TRICARE Region 3 and the Center for Total Access (Office of Health Affairs, Department of Defense): http://www.bce.army.mil/ -- also lightweight, but still under construction.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation:

The Cancer Journal, including a comparative study of tumor markers.

Peter Waite's Breast Cancer Resource Center:  A non-commercial resource with medical news, information, discussion newsgroups and message boards, links to related websites and medical search engines & directories for patients, friends and family of patients diagnosed with breast cancer and cancer-related disorders.

Rational Therapeutics Cancer Laboratories' Glossary of Cancer Terms.

Cancer Web provides substantive information on cancer risk, diagnosis, and treatment culled from current biomedical publications.

Australia's NHMRC National Breast Cancer Centre (NBCC) with all sorts of cancer information, including info on clinical trials.

MediConsult's list of books about breast cancer (contributed by Harriet Bograd).

New York Times' cancer site at http://www.nyt.com/specials/women/whome/breast_cancer.html.

The Internet Book of Gene Therapy at http://www.appleton-lange.com/genetherapy/.

Info on Navelbine (contributed by Scott Anderson).

An award-winning guide for patient guide for high-dose chemo (contributed by Karen Gray).

The National Lymphedema Network (contributed by Karen Gray).

And a don't-miss for anyone who's really serious about learning what cancer is (and the latest genetic news), in understandable terms, is Scientific American Magazine's September '95 issue.

See http://www.cs.nsw.gov.au/rpa/pet/intro/cancer.html for good, detailed information on the PET scan.
Fellow cancer fighters:
See the "Current" page of Lehua's Refuge for a list of back letters talking about radiation, mastectomy, and other personal experiences with the treatments.

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Links to General Medical Sites and Glossaries

MedicalStudent -- excellent textbooks and references.

National Library of Medicine, with a link to MEDLINE (which is now FREE).

Sapient Health Network: Chat rooms, bulletin boards, articles, news. You must register, but registration is free.  Good breast cancer section.

MedicineNet: Medical dictionary, Diseases & Treatments, Pharmacy, News, Clinical trials, Ask the Experts, Links, Search.

Health World Online's Self-Care Central:  Medline, Forums, Healing Center, Fitness Center, etc.

Family Internet's Family Health.

Health Answers.

TomBall Regional Hospital health information.

HealthFinder:  Sorting through health information in cyberspace.

Check out doctors (there is a fee).

Tired of having people thrust at you shark cartilage, cat's claw, fungus tea, blue-green algae, melatonin, beta-carotene, DHEA, Tahitian noni, oil of primrose, essaic, ..... Check out the National Council against Health Fraud.

Coast to Coast Medical Resources Directory (products).

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Breast Cancer in Men

Bob Stafford a site for breast cancer in men, http://interact.withus.com/interact/mbc (contributed by Karen Gray).

Bob also presents a newsgroup that covers breast cancer for men, which can be joined by sending an e-mail to listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu with the message 'subscribe malebc (your name)' in the BODY of the message.

Nysernet also has a newsgroup that covers breast cancer for men -- check out http://nysernet.org/bcic (contributed by Alexandra Koffman).

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Family, Attitudes, Emotions, Essays

KidScope:  How parents can tell children about cancer.

Sandra Weinhardt's bereavement links.

Cancer Fighting Humor (contributed by Gene Bridges).

Jocularity, the humour magazine for nurses (Journal of Nursing).

Karen Gray recommends "a wonderful little essay by Stephen Jay Gould on survival statistics called 'The Median Is Not the Message.'   You can find it at http://cancerguide.org/median_not_msg.html  Gould is a survivor of abdominal mesothelioma--a cancer with grim survival statistics. He discusses what he learned from those statistics and how he decided to regard himself after thinking about ... the nature of the statistics..."

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Personal Sites of Other Fighters

Visit Pat Murray, a brave woman who will show you a reconstruction.

Jeri Walsh's inspiring Tree of Hope, honoring our friends who are fighting cancer.

Laura King, my friend from Cancer Forum.

Pat Curry, another forum-mate.

Janet Bernichon, another friend from Cancer Forum, whose site includes poetry and art about cancer.

Helena Robinson, another forum-mate, who details a personal journey with cancer.

Musetta Giles, a fellow cancer fighter.
This site includes "Top 10 Reasons for Being Bald"!

Harriet Bograd, another forum-mate -- this site is rich in information and links, and also has a personal account of stem cell transplant.

Nick Hill's web site, with lots of cancer links.

And another forum-mate, the engaging Isabel Nunes.

Other cancer fighters' homepages, at Oncolink.

Darrel Kilius, MD: This site has many cancer links.

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