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When we resumed our daily lives, we were disoriented and confused.  Everyone who had cared for us went on about his or her business, leaving us to ours.  All the people we knew thought we were getting back to normal.  Neither of us had realized that "normal" was gone.

    Glenna Halvorson-Boyd and Lisa K. Hunter
    Dancing in Limbo:  Making Sense of Life after Cancer, 1995

Mastectomy Some reconstruction (or not) options, what to expect, how it looks
Updated 7/28/97

Metastases Why and how do cells metastasize? -- A layman's explanation

Stem Cell Transplant Harriet Bograd's dont-miss site has a personal account of her stem cell transplant, and much other excellent information as well.

Cancer Information
Cancer and Breast Cancer Information General Medical Sites & Glossaries
Family, Attitudes, Emotions, Essays Personal Sites of Other Fighters
Updated 10/26/98

Books & Video
Cancer and Treatments Family & Loved Ones
Mind & Spirit Alternative Viewpoints
Updated 10/26/98

Other Resources Mastectomy bras, swimsuits, wigs, wig accessories, prostheses, etc.

Personal Accounts Fellow cancer fighters:
See the "Current" page of Lehua's Refuge for a list of back letters talking about radiation, mastectomy, and other personal experiences with the treatments.
Linda Barcus:  One Year Cancer-Free
Dimitri and Irene:  To Watch Your Mother Die
Harriet Bograd's personal account of stem cell transplant
Anne-Marie Goossens in Belgium provides cancer information in french and in dutch.

Life Pertinent Poetry & Quotes That Struck Me

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