Coqui control in Volcano


The Volcano Coquistadores are a hardy band of volunteers working to keep coqui frogs out of Volcano Village and nearby communities on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi

Volcano Coqui Hotline: See our Contacts List or call 443-4023.

What's the problem with coqui frogs?

Coqui frogs are noisier than an alarm clock right next to your ear They are NOISY! No coqui!

Males produce a continuous two-tone "ko-KEE" mating call at night that can be as loud as a chainsaw.

Native to Puerto Rico, coqui frogs have no natural enemies in Hawaii and are multiplying out of control. There is reason to think that they can disrupt the native ecology -- see our Biology & Control Summary for more information.

We Need Your Help!

How can we help?
  • Prevention
    • Don't bring in plants to Volcano -- coqui and their eggs are skilled hitchhikers.
      • If you must bring plants, quarantine them for at least a week: Place a transparent plastic bag over the top and tie at the soil line so you can see any coqui.
      • Inspect the plant looking for egg clusters.
      • Avoid parking in frog-infested areas especially overnight. If you do park overnight at the airport, for example, you can rid your car of frogs by putting it through the car wash!
      • Monitor plants and surroundings closely after deliveries from the lowlands.

  • Report all calling frogs:
    Call the Volcano Coqui Hotline: 443-4023 (a recording gives you name and number of the contact person in your neighborhood), or check our contacts list to find the coordinator for your neighborhood. If you call us WHEN THE FROG IS CALLING, we can usually catch the frog that same evening!

  • Volunteer: Join the cadre of dedicated volunteers. Call Kim Dillman at 443-4023 to get started with a trained volunteer!

  • Vigilance: Patrol your neighborhood for calling frogs. Walk the streets after dark, or "drive 'n stop" with windows down to listen.

  • Stay informed: visit the Coqui Table Sundays at Volcano Farmers' Market during the warmer months.

  • See our Biology & Control Summary for more details on how to help.

Whats New
Our Biology & Control Summary is now available online.

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