Since its inception, this site has received several hundred inquiries about dormant accounts, lost deeds, escrow, and other business questions, and even attempts to sell memorabilia.

This site is not an official site of either Crocker Bank or its purchaser, Wells Fargo Bank -- it is strictly a social organization of former employees.

Please do not send bank business or any non-social inquiries to this site.

If you have questions about Crocker accounts or holdings, contact the nearest branch of Wells Fargo Bank, or its headquarters in San Francisco.

If you want to buy or sell memorabilia please join an online auction site.

Non-social inquiries to this site will no longer be redirected or even acknowledged.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.

Crocker Alumni Online:  Notices & Events

Pigeon Point Flag 1997

Does anyone know of any plans for gatherings or reunions? If so, send a note and the announcement will be posted.


    There are no known scheduled events at this time.


      A query from Margaret Wicks, who worked at Crocker London:
I worked for Crocker London back in the 70's - just wondered if any one is still around from the States who might have worked at London office. Would be good to hear from you.
Regards, Margaret Wicks
      William Franklyn writes that he purchased a retirement watch from a thrift shop for Frank Schopf 's service with Crocker.
If there are family members out there who would want the watch back, contact William.
      Here's an announcement from Dodo Haley, who managed our Crocker technical library so competently for so many years:
The SF Symphony that I do volunteer work with are desperately looking for volunteers to work their thrift shop on the weekends. They can either contact the SF Symphony's web page at http://www.sfsymphony.org or contact me at eldona@worldnet.att.net.

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