Common Butterflies of California
Bob Stewart ©1997

Genus List

Species Covered in Common Butterflies of California

Adelpha Agraulis Anthocharis Atalopedes
Atlides Battus Boloria Brephidium
Callophrys Celastrina Cercyonis Chlosyne
Coenonympha Colias Danaus Dymasia
Epargyreus Erynnis Euphydryas Euphydryas
Everes Glaucopsyche Hemiargus Hesperia
Hylephila Junonia Limenitis Lycaeides
Lycaena Neominois Nymphalis Ochlodes
Oeneis Papilio Parnassius Phoebis
Phyciodes Pieris Plebejus Poanes
Polites Polygonia Satyrium Speyeria
Strymon Thessalia Thorybes Vanessa

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