Common Butterflies of California
Bob Stewart ©1997

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Image of book & formatCommon Butterflies of California has 127 full-color high-resolution photos of butterflies, with many examples of both upper and lower wing markings, and some larval (caterpillar) forms.

The book is spiral bound for easy use in the field.  Each photo is 6" X 9" (15 X 22.5 cm) in size, and is accompanied by information about the species.

To get only an idea of the glorious photos provided, view some photo samples.

Sample of Descriptive Text


KEY FIELD MARKS: Large butterfly with four vertical black stripes on yellow.  Can be confused with Pale Swallowtail, but Pale has cream-colored wings.

SIZE: 31/2 - 43/8

ADULTS FLY: March through September


HOST PLANTS: Willows (Salix spp.)
Alders (Alnus spp.)

RANGE: Throughout California and western North America.

NOTES: All four Swallowtail species photographed here have two "tails" near their rear, a feature construed by bird predators as "antennae."  In addition, in the first three species the brilliant red spots in iridescent blue are construed as "eye spots."  In other words, it looks like the hind end of the butterfly is the head end.  I have seen Steller's Jays go after this "tail end"; the butterfly flies away with the jay holding a "tail" in its beak.  Notice how many Swallowtails (like the Anise Swallowtail photographed on page 6) have missing tails!  Look objectively at the photographs and see which end is most attractive to you.

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