Pacifica's Fish and Bowl
A Miniature Wilderness

View of the Fish and Bowl from the Reserve

Welcome to the Fish and Bowl, a tiny but exquisite gem of wilderness... worthy of preservation.

      This site is dedicated to John Curtis, Victor Carmichael, and Joan Levin who have fought so hard on behalf of the many creatures who depend on this beautiful pocket of nature.

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The Red Foxes of the Fish and Bowl
Sample thumbnail of the red foxes

The Red Foxes of the Fish and Bowl This season the Fish and Bowl hosts two litters of red foxes. One litter of four is doing fine. We rarely see them, because they're savvy adolescents and their mother has taught them well how to hunt.

The younger pair, however, is orphaned and have been driven by hunger to show themselves most evenings. This is both sad for them yet a delight for their devoted admirers.
The fight isn't over, so contributions are much appreciated and very helpful.  
Send what you can to:
Committee to Save the Fish and Bowl
P.O. Box 1095
Pacifica, CA 94044

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