LehuaNet Cream of the Crop Shops: All-Time Greatest Moments     

   The most engaging motorcycle ride of all time

So you're in line for the dole with all your friends, with a new skill...

You've pinned all your hopes and dreams on this project, worked so hard, and now...

This has multiple qualifying scenes, but I'll go for: upside down in the tunnel with Elvis

You're shut in a cell with the Jim Crow cops, catching hell, and you think you're as scared as you can ever get.  And then ... Laurence Fishburne walks in

The scene in the moonlit backyard, with the candy, is a moving nmicrocosm of the hopes and fears of relationships

The bumbling burglars carefully disguise themselves, then turn their backs to you as they attack the door lock...

Another multi-moment contender, but I'll choose: "Trust me..."

Your son drags you to some surely boring space shoot-em-up, insists on front row center, and the lights dim, and then -- overhead -- ...




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