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Don't know what to choose for a friend?

The multi-award winning author's
last (?) Rebus mystery
Inspector Rebus in Sequence

NEW Rankin's first post-Rebus novel; same top-flight writing, completely different atmosphere
Due in U.S. Jan/2010
Ian Rankin in Sequence

Get it now in the U.K.

The U.S. version of The Complaints
is not yet available

NEW Pre-order in the U.K.:
Due in the U.K. Sept 2009

Gritty, literate, nicely crafted

This has everything -- secret caves, ancient artifacts, awesome natural forces, good storytelling

The first of the consistently excellent Chee/Leaphorn adventures

By far one of the more original writers I've encountered

Dark and different with
exotic Swedish locales

Even better than her first

Our first outing with Mma Ramotswe is much more than a mystery
Mma Ramotswe in sequence

I am permanently charmed by this detective and his family

Camilleri is such a find! This is his sixth and it's even funnier than the first five Inspector Montalbano in Sequence

Here begins the tale of Constable Hamish MacBeth in one of the most beautiful places in the world
Hamish MacBeth in Sequence

Very funny and very weird

NEWA new Michael Stanley!


NEW... and more quality time with Mma Ramotswe
Mma Ramotswe in sequence


We're having some real luck: a new one from Denise Mina
(Pre-order from the U.S.)

Or get it now from the U.K.

Dead Cat Bounce
Sarah Graves

Cold Dish
Craig Johnson in Sequence







This is the first of the Falco adventures, and immediately shines with the realism and the fall-down laughter
Falco in sequence

A happy find in which the laughter is triggered by the peerless heroine

Magdalene la Bátarde has friends in high places, and what better center than her high-class brothel to field the intrigues of the time; fresh and funny

From this introduction,
Brother Cadfael's wisdom, tolerance and wit had me hooked for life
Brother Cadfael in Sequence

Strong players and an absorbing story give a good start to this series

This is the first of the Domesday mysteries which are, together, truly an epic, crossing an entire nation and its multitudes of different cultures and conflicts

John Hannah

Rebus Set 1
Ken Stott
More Rebus

NEWSidetracked, Firewall, One Step Behind
Dark mysteries, gorgeous filming

John Hannah

Skinwalkers, Coyote Waits,
A Thief of Time
Lovingly filmed by Robert Redford

Starkly beautiful locations

Sean Connery

One Corpse Too Many,
The Sanctuary Sparrow,
The Leper of St. Giles,
Monk's Hood
More Cadfael

Helen Mirren






This is a 5-star series

There's humor and unique situations

With top-notch ensemble acting

NEWAnd it just gets better

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