Big Island 2002
Flora, Part I


Photo: coffee on the bush
Photo: yellow hibiscus
Photo: spider lily
Photo: plumeria trees
Spider Lily
Hillside church, plumeria tree
Photo: purple bauhinia
Photo: purple bauhinia
Coco palms with skirts
Photo: Don buying from honor system lei stand
Purple bauhinia ("orchid tree")
Skirted coco palms
Honor system leis
Photo: Guatemalan gold tree
Photo: jacaranda tree close-up
Photo: jacaranda tree distant
Gold Tree from Guatemala with bouganvilleas
Jacaranda tree
Photo: heliconia and exotics
Photo: roadside weed
Heliconia & exotics
Roadside weed
Photo: beach naupaka
Photo: naupaka closeup
Photo:  naupaka berries
Beach Naupaka

Big Isle 2002
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