Big Island 2002
My Loaner Pets

When you see this icon, look for printable images (photo size and compression).   The house was never dull, with all the wonderful animals always up to something.

Bucky & Nani think it's great for Dad to sleep in the living room, because it's obviously an occasion for piling into the bed Don grooms Bucky Bucky valiantly crosses the lava flows
Nani is such a lady Rudy and Nani catch some afternoon Z's
Morning is no fun without a tussle Bucky the sports car guy Lovely Zsa Zsa
Bucky's first bear
Bucky's comfy bed Though a rug will do
Bucky is like having a little plush-toy
I love to see the geckos.  
Petitioning for a treat
3x5 photo
5x7 photo
Icon: photo available Icon: photo available Alas, too tiring!
5x7 photo
Photo: Lehua w/Nani Photo: Lehua w/Bucky
Photo by Sybil
3x5 photo
5x7 photo
Icon: photo available My lady friend, Nani
Photo by Sybil

My little plush toy
Photo by Sybil



Big Isle 2002
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